Prosthetic Manufacturing

manufacture-processAn Icexpress prosthetic limb consists of a combination of latest-technology components.

The recommended mix of components depends on:

  • whether the amputation is trans-femoral or trans-tibial
  • the users physical ability which is related to age, weight, level of fitness and medical history
  • required outcomes based on the user’s lifestyle, activities and aspirations

Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics offers pioneering technologies in its silicone liners, custom-designed sockets, bionic knees, feet and upper extremity solutions.

Ongoing collaborative research and development initiatives allow Icexpress to offer faster, more effective and efficient options. Usually, conventional manufacturing processes can take days if not weeks.

New innovations allow for prosthetic fitment to take place within hours – Icexpress employs cutting edge techniques to get users mobile, rehabilitated and functional as soon as possible while providing ongoing support, counselling and care.