physiotherapyFor those living with amputations, exercise becomes a way of life.

Physiotherapy at Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics is directed at enabling prosthetic users to live as independently as possible. The importance of a well designed physical therapy plan, whether pre- or post-surgery, cannot be overemphasised. From the start, measures are taken to prevent secondary problems such as tightening of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin which may prevent the natural movement of the hip or knee.

The ability to balance and transfer weight is key to getting the most out of a prosthesis. Physical therapy, designed to address individual needs, opens the lock. Gait training forms an integral part of the rehabilitation process and is aimed at teaching the user to overcome environmental barriers such as uneven terrain, inclines, curbs and stairs.

Customised training and support programs are offered in-house to assist prosthetic users to achieve maximum mobility and control combined with a comfortable, natural walking style.