Q&A with SA icon, Ernst van Dyk

qa-ernst-van-dykErnst was born with congenital absence of both legs. Despite this he demonstrated a talent for sports and was encouraged to participate from a young age.

Among many other achievements, Ernst won nine consecutive Boston Marathons – one of the world’s most prestigious wheelchair marathons.

Ernst van Dyk’s list of achievements is impressive to say the least. We asked the green-&-gold champion about Vari-Flex XC Rotate. This is what he had to say:

Why did you choose to use the Vari-Flex XC Rotate?
“I was looking for a set of feet that would be durable enough to match my active life style while also being lightweight, state-of-art components that incorporates the latest technologies in prosthetic feet.

After testing a few models, I decided to go for the Vari-Flex XC Rotate. After 6 months using the product, I am more convinced than ever that I made the right choice.”

How it has using Vari-Flex XC Rotate impacted on your life?
“I can go about my life as any able-bodied person can. I don’t have to worry about components that need to be serviced at regular intervals and I’m never concerned that the foot might fail me.

The product has increased the level of activity that I can participate in as well as the duration of my participation – when you have kids that are young and active this is a must-have!

I can walk my dogs, go about doing the things that need doing around the house, and I never have to hold back on life.”

Anything else you feel is note-worthy?
“I’ve been struggling to walk with a good posture for years and have had chronic lower back pain for a long time. After 6 months on the Vari-Flex XC Rotate my posture has improved tremendously and all my lower back pain has disappeared.”