Latest in Bionics Introduced at Icexpress

The Innovation Hub, 14 March 2019 – Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics announced today that it is adding the latest in bionic technology, Őssur’s new and improved PROPRIO FOOT, to its range of mobility solutions. The announcement follows the product’s official launch in South Africa this week.

The original PROPRIO FOOT, also known as the world’s first intelligent prosthetic foot, was launched in 2006. The goal was simple; to reduce trips and falls. It hit the mark, won the prestigious Red Dot design award, and gave way to an entire new innovation category.

However, since the ultimate goal is to replicate the function of the human foot, room for improvement translated into a redesign of the PROPRIO FOOT; enhancing its safety and stability features and adding the PRO-FLEX LP foot module to provide more toe-off power.

Add to that a variety of user experience improvements, such as single-button functionality and an integrated battery, and the result is a significant move closer to the overall goal.

“We have always endeavored to remain ahead of global advances in the area of bionic technology and I am thrilled to add PROPRIO FOOT to our product offering. I believe it will go a long way to enhance mobility of our moderately active clients,” says Johan Snyders, Chief Executive at Icexpress.

A combination of sophisticated sensors, artificial intelligence and precision actuators means that bionic devices are now actively replacing lost function caused by amputation.

In laymen’s terms, the PROPRIO FOOT replaces many of the subconscious actions of a natural ankle. It senses, over a thousand times per second, exactly where the foot is in space.  With such accuracy it can detect the slightest of inclines and instruct the foot to adjust its angle automatically.

With this type of sensory information, the foot can calculate the exact moment that the toe needs to lift in order to clear the ground as you step forward. Whether going up or down a sloped terrain or tackling stairs, the ankle instinctively adjusts for more natural, safe and confident movement.

Prosthetic users who struggle to get out of a seated position will notice another benefit – chair mode. Instead of loading all the weight on to the sound limb, users can now tuck both feet in behind their knees and get in and out of a chair as they normally would because the ankle flexes naturally.

The foot realigns itself when sensing any changes in heel height, it even features relax mode during which the foot automatically drop its toes just like a normal foot.

“The stand-out feature for me is the automatic ankle adjustment. Via the app or button, I can adjust the ankle angle for a specific pair of shoes in a flash. Going from formal business shoes to comfortable sneakers … at the touch of a button,” says Thomas Lee, busy entrepreneur and prosthetic user affiliated with Icexpress, who tested the technology on behalf of the Pretoria based practice.

PROPRIO FOOT retails at R 148 000 excluding VAT. Its application speaks to on-the-go individuals seeking equally on-the-go solutions. Set up your appointment for a test today to experience the latest in bionics.


Written by: Liezel van Rensburg

Photo credit: Thomas Lee