IsAbility Sports Club

In 2011, Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics launched the Is Ability Sports Club to address the growing need for sports and recreation opportunities for those living with physical disabilities.

Prior to 2011, a group of track and field athletes associated with Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics, known as ‘Team Icexpress’, paved the way forward.

What started out as a four-member team at the 2009 Nedbank National Championships, evolved into a twelve-member strong track and field team at the 2010 event, followed by a team consisting of over 20 junior and senior members in 2011.

Within 24 months ‘Team Icexpress’ became the fastest growing club of its kind in South Africa boasting no less than seven international athletes with top world rankings, as well as a healthy number of up-and-coming stars in various sporting disciplines.

Recognising the possibilities associated with developing disabled sport in South Africa, the Is Ability Sports Club was born.